About Iva Ballou

Cleft Community Advocate


  • Empowering Students: Turning on the
    AC of Confidence
  • Leadership Beyond Limits: Actionable
    Confidence for Students and
  • Celebrating Success: Building a
    Confident Culture
  • Holistic Confidence: Nurturing Student
    and Employee Well-Being


Workshop & Podcast Host


  • Student Empowerment: Igniting
    Confidence for Academic Success
  • Leadership Beyond Limits: Action-
    Oriented Confidence for Student and
    Professional Success
  • Success Celebration and Confidence
    Building: A Blueprint for Schools and
  • Holistic Confidence Boost: Nurturing
    Well-Being in Schools and Corporations

Motivational and Keynote Speaker 

Meet Iva Ballou, a dynamic force and passionate
advocate for embracing individuality and celebrating
uniqueness. As the founder of Realsophisticatedjoy, Iva's personal journey has fueled her commitment to
promoting self-love, resilience, and confidence. Having navigated the complexities of living with facial
differences, Iva brings a unique perspective to the
forefront, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and empowerment.

Iva Ballou is a multifaceted individual, serving as a
Motivational Speaker, Cleft Confidence Coach, and a
dedicated advocate for the facial difference community.

Leveraging her gifts, she actively works to increase
awareness and education, fostering understanding and acceptance within society. Additionally, Iva co-hosts the Love Meets Joy podcast, where she engages in honest and empowering conversations about her personal journey and various aspects related to cleft experiences.

Through her own discovery of RealSophisticatedJoy, Iva empowers others to pivot from shame to confidence in their journey. Her impactful work and inspiring messages resonate, encouraging a transformative journey for everyone she reaches.

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"Her stage presence was Phenomenal. Providing real-life hardships to obtain the bigger goal makes her personable, and someone can relate and use her words to trigger what they've been hesitant on accomplishing. Iva and her RealSophisticatedJoy inspired me to work harder and grind harder and to listen to more Beyonce when I am doing data input for my business." - Latoya H.

"RealSophisticatedJoy renewed my faith at the time I needed it the most, which is now." - Nikki C.

"Iva made me feel RealSophisticatedJoy through her speaking. I have been feeling down lately but by her being able to share her story with us, put me in a better space now." - Kim F.

"Her motivation was inspiring and uplifting."                - Vanessa B.

"I felt my Realsophisticatedjoy through Iva. I related well to her background story, her dreams, and visualizations. It was awesome."

You're invited join the RealSophisticatedJoy community, where differences are celebrated, confidence is cultivated, and joy is embraced. 

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